Outlook emails are stuck in outbox

It’s not every day that you get your Outlook emails stuck in outbox, but when they do, it is painful and frustrating, as you cannot send or receive other emails.

Outlook emails stuck in outbox indicate that the message has not been sent, nor received on the other end, in spite of you moving them to the recipient, they still remain in your outbox, and here are some reasons why:

  • Your email has an attachment that crosses the limit in size for sending emails
  • Outlook is set on Work Offline mode option
  • The email that is stuck in outbox isn’t sent owing to a technical error
  • There may be authentication settings such as your Outlook account having issues with the mail server
  • Viewing a message or an email on outbox while it is waiting to be sent
  • You typed in a wrong password or changed your password for your email account
  • There’s no default email account
  • You’re using software that accesses your Outlook data files
  • Your security software is scanning outgoing mail (antivirus/antispam)

If you get Outlook emails stuck in outbox on your account or PC, use the solutions below to fix it.

FIX: Outlook emails stuck in outbox

  1. Preliminary fixes
  2. Clear the stuck email
  3. Check status of the server
  4. Change your password

1. Preliminary fixes

Here are some general troubleshooting solutions to start with when you find Outlook emails stuck in outbox:

  • Check if you receive an error message while performing a send/receive email operation. This indicates a communication problem between Outlook and the outgoing mail server because they cannot connect for Outlook to send the email
  • Check if your ISP is blocking the port number you’re using for the outgoing mail server
  • Check your email provider to ensure mail server settings are updated because port numbers and/or authentication methods are changed by mamil server providers
  • Check that you haven’t exceeded the hourly or daily email sending quota as enforced by your email address provider
  • Check your internet connection. A slow connection may not send out emails, especially those with large attachments, so the server connection may time out prior to sending the email
  • Check if your outbox emails are in bold and italic (shows they’re ready for sending), if marked bold (they’ve been read), and if not marked bold or italic (meaning it was read and edited)
  • Check if your email settings have set a rule to delay sending, as this will show Outlook emails stuck in outbox
  • Try re-sending the emails by clicking send/receive and click Send All
  • Ensure Outlook is online. Go to your status bar at the bottom of the Outlook message and check for ‘Disconnected’ or ‘Trying to connect’ – if you see these messages, then your emails won’t be sent. It may be that your local server is down, especially if hosted on an on-premise Exchange server, or, if you’re on Office 365, check the internet connection and ensure there’s no temporary outage, and try sending the emails again.

If these preliminary fixes don’t help, try the solutions below.

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2. Clear the stuck email

In order to remove corrupt emails or emails with attachments that exceed the size limit set by the mail server, you can either put the large file on a local network share or SharePoint site with a link to its location, or use OneDrive to store or send large files.

Otherwise, you can clear the stuck emails by doing the following:

  • Open Outlook
  • Select the Send/Receive tab
  • Select Work Offline to stop Outlook from trying to send all emails
  • Select the Outbox
  • Move the email to the Drafts folder so as to open the large email message, and remove, resize them for Outlook, and re-attach before resending the email, OR, right-click the message and select Delete.
  • Select the Send/Receive tab, and then select Work Offline to de-select it. This restarts your connection.

Note: If you get a message saying, Outlook is transmitting the message close Outlook and use Task Manager to ensure the Outlook.exe process is completed. Restart Outlook and either move or delete the email.

3. Check status of the server

Is your mail server offline? If so, it will show your Outlook emails stuck in outbox. In this case, check the server status from the lower right-hand corner of Outlook window to see if you’re actually connected. If not, check your internet connection through your browser, and if you can surf the internet, then your mail server is likely down.

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4. Change your password

One of the reasons you find Outlook emails stuck in outbox is because the password for your email account doesn’t rhyme with the Outlook account password, so if you changed the email address password, you will have to change the Outlook password too.

You can either change the Outlook password for your internet email account, or for your Outlook data file. To do this:

  • Open Outlook
  • Select File
  • Click Account Settings
  • Highlight the account you want to change the password for
  • Click Change
  • Enter your new password
  • Click then click Finish

To change the password for Outlook data file, do this:

  • Open Outlook
  • Right click on your email account
  • Select Data File Properties
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Change Password
  • Enter your old password
  • Enter your new password and confirm it.
  • Click 

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