Fix Dxgkrnl.sys Error on Windows 10

Blue Screen of Death errors can cause you a lot of problems, and users have reported that file dxgkrnl.sys causes these errors on Windows 10, so let’s see how to fix this error. Here are some more examples of this problem: dxgkrnl.sys Windows 10 not loaded  dxgkrnl.sys Windows 7  dxgkrnl.sys Blue screen Windows 7 64 bit  dxgkrnl.sys Windows 10 latency  dxgkrnl.sys Windows 10 won’t […]

VPN not working with Virgin Media? Here’s how to make it work

Due to an arguable monopoly in the British broadband market, Virgin Media is the one which, mainly, dictates the terms of use. More knowledgable users turned to VPN solutions in order to protect their privacy, speed up the bandwidth (which is, as stated by some of them, 50% intentionally throttled), and avoid regional restrictions. However, […]

How to fix CCleaner Error 5: Access is denied in Windows 10

The Error 5: Access is denied error message is one that can pop up for various software packages. The system error often occurs when uninstalling or installing Windows software. Some CCleaner users have stated on forums that Access denied errors occur when attempting to remove programs with the utility software or when utilizing its startup […]

Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 Keeps Installing the Same Update

Update reminders could be annoying sometimes, but how annoying is when you constantly get the reminder about one same update, even if you’ve installed that update before? So if your computer is receiving the same update over and over again, we maybe have a solution for you. Windows 10 keeps installing the same update, how […]

Important updates needed: What’s the deal with this Windows 10 alert

When someone even mentions ‘updates‘, regardless of the context, the only thing I can think of is Windows 10. This system (or service) which heavily relies on its updates and patches. Especially the major ones, the ones bringing various new features, redesigns, and, hopefully, the dark Windows Explorer. But, what happens when users decide to stick with, say, […]

How to use DNS server on your Windows 10 computer

Cloudfare has taken another challenge as part of their mission to make the Internet better, more secure, more reliable and more efficient. The company recently announced the launch of DNS — the Internet’s fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service. Cloudflare is a Global Network service provider offering one of the best DDoS protection software. In 2014 […]