How to download Microsoft Cruel Solitaire

Microsoft Cruel Solitaire was the part of Windows for more than a decade. Solitaire games are the most popular Windows games ever and the irreplaceable part of the Windows platform. Until, Microsoft decided not to incorporate Cruel into their Solitaire collection. Yes, the one residing in Microsoft Store — the UWP revamp of Solitaire golden […]

The best driver software is already installed on Windows 10

Your hardware relies on in order to work properly, and if your are outdated you can experience certain problems. These problems can be fixed by installing new , but users reported few problems while installing new . They are getting The best is already installed , and today we’re going to show you how to […]

How to fix Bluetooth keyboard lag in Windows 10

Input lag on a Bluetooth device can be very frustrating, especially when you’re working on something or playing your favorite game, and notice that something is slightly off. It is already stressful enough to get your work done within the specified schedules, so when devices like your mouse or keyboard delay, they just compound the […]

Gdi32full.dll is missing (or was not found) error in Windows 10

The gdi32full.dll file is a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) shared between software. This particular DLL file is a part of the Microsoft Graphics Device Interface in Windows. As such, the gdi32full.dll is important for graphics and formatted text utilization on video displays and printers. The gdi32full.dll is missing error is one that occurs if that […]

PC won’t wake up from sleep after Windows 10 April Update install [FIX]

A new major update is here — at last. Microsoft somehow managed to sort it out before the end of April and thus the release name — Windows 10 April Update. This update has a lot of good things going for it in various sections of Windows 10. However, a hefty number of users run […]