Channel 4 won’t play video when VPN is enabled

One can say that the mainstream media isn’t exactly in it’s prime, taking into consideration the growth of the new-age alternatives. Nonetheless, there are some broadcasters which are fairly followed, no matter how much geo-restrictions they put on their content.

For example, Channel 4 imposed boundaries on viewers that don’t live in Great Britain. Viewers which live abroad use VPNs to mimic the UK-based IP addresses and access the content of the renowned media house. But, sometimes, even the VPN won’t work.

In order to address this, we prepared a few possible solutions which should resolve your issues with VPN and Channel 4. Hopefully, after trying them out, you’ll be able to access your favorite content without any issues whatsoever.

How to watch British broadcaster Channel 4 with VPN without issues

  1. Clear browser cache
  2. Switch servers
  3. Create an account and sign in with the legit UK address
  4. Ditch current VPN and switch to a better alternative

1: Clear browser cache

Most of the sites use cookies in order to enrich users experience, but they can go both ways. Meaning that they can be used to track your activity and take some important information regarding your IP address and geo-location.

That way, when a massive media provider (which British Channel 4 certainly is), can block your IP address or limit access to a range of similar IP addresses. Thus, negating VPN in the process.

They and other publishing media outlets are doing so for a long time, especially strictly after the VPN become a norm rather than an exception. So, what we advise you to do is to use an incognito mode while accessing geo-restricted content. That way, you’ll prevent the service from acquiring your data.

2: Switch servers

In order to watch 4oD (Channel 4 on demand) videos when abroad or standard content, you just need to use VPN or proxy. We’re all aware of that. However, many users who are using VPN and choose UK-based servers have had a hard time streaming Channel 4 content. This basically implies that either the ghost IP your VPN provided you with is blocked or that it’s overcrowded.

The solution is rather simple: select another server or IP location and keep doing so until it works out. This is the first nuance detail which separates free and premium solutions. The bandwidth speed (streaming takes a lot of data through buffering thus slowing down connection substantially) and numerous servers in the UK is something you won’t get with the free-of-charge VPN solutions.

3: Create an account and sign in with the legit UK address

Certain users managed to resolve the issue and access Channel 4 online by using VPN and registering on the site. Have in mind that if you’re, say, using a London-based IP address, you’ll need to put the London as your hometown. Roam through the maps and add a real address to your registration credentials. After that, you should be able to access all content and stream it through the player without issues whatsoever.

Nonetheless, don’t switch servers throughout the streaming and make sure to stick with the same IP address later on. If the IP address isn’t identical to the one acquired during the registration, there’s a good chance you’ll get kicked out.

4: Ditch current VPN and switch to a better alternative

Finally, if the current VPN won’t serve you justice in a sense that it can’t enable you to watch your favorite TV online, we can only recommend replacing it. There the list of blocked VPN solutions and their respective servers in the UK. Our recommendation, therefore, is the VPN positioned outside the UK.

CyberGhost will let you access any geo-restricted content on the British soil without any issues. Albeit it’s the premium solution (therefore it can cost you some money), CyberGhost is still rather affordable in comparison to its competing solutions.

Furthermore, it has an unlimited bandwidth and data, it offers dozens of Britain-based servers and, last but not least, it comes in a user-friendly package. If you’re interested in CyberGhost, give it a try. The free trial period lasts 7 days.

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That should do it. In case you’re an avid follower of Channel 4, these steps should come in handy. Furthermore, if you have a different approach or workaround, or maybe a question or two about the aforementioned steps, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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