How to rotate PDFs in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, like it or not, has a lot of nice things going for it. One of the possible reasons why one would choose Edge over, say, Chrome or Firefox, is the great integration with the rest of the Windows 10 resources. One of the fairly overlooked features is the complexity of the built-in Edge PDF Viewer. With the major update from late 2017, you can even rotate PDFs with ease.

Today we’ll give you our outlook on the PDF in Microsoft Edge and show you how to utilize its main functions. Make sure to check it out below.

How to rotate PDFs in Microsoft Edge browser

Every browser supports at least accessing and viewing of PDF files. This format is a norm when it comes to a document editing and, most of all, reading. And the majority of users will want to do it within the browser, without the need to use a third-party PDF reader. Microsoft Edge was, just like all others, able to include PDF in its workflow from the beginning. However, in our opinion, only a couple of months ago, Edge become really competitive in that department. The added features improved overall experience to a great extent.

Rotating PDF was one of the features they added and this gathered a lot of positive feedback. No matter how simple it sounds, the absence of the option vastly downgraded the PDF-reading capabilities for Edge. Besides that, the responsible developers attached more than a few interesting improvements, with pen support for editing and adding notes.

To break it out for you, here are the basic options you can use in the Edge’s PDF viewer after the major update:

  • Rotate PDF – Click on the document and click Rotate right or press F9.
  • Change Layout – Switch between the One Page and Two Page layouts. Click on the document and click Layout. 
  • Read Aloud – Let one of the 3 narrators read aloud the content of the document. You can choose between the 3 voices and regulate reading speed.
  • Share PDF – Fast and simple sharing of the document via Mail, Twitter, Skype, and others. Also, you can cast it to OneDrive or OneNote in one click. 
  • Add Notes – You can use the physical pen on the touchscreen or add notes with your mouse. The choice is yours.

As you can see, now you can rotate PDF and much more in a rather seamless manner. In addition, we can expect lots of improvements from the future Edge iterations, and we can only hope the PDF-viewing component won’t be neglected.

With that, we can conclude it. In case you have additional questions or suggestions concerning PDF viewing and editing in Microsoft Edge, make sure to tell us in the comments section below.

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