Open WMV files in Windows 10 using these 5 software solutions

A WMV file or Windows Media Video file, is a video compression format consisting of three distinct video codecs: the original video compressional known as WMV, WMV screen and WMV image.

The WMV was originally intended for Internet streaming apps or selling video content online via HD Blu-ray discs and DVDs, while the other two are for specialized content.

Most movies found online are in the .wmv format. It allows large files to be easily converted to smaller ones, while maintaining and protecting the video quality in the file. It can also be converted to other formats where necessary, but this is likely to compromise the quality of the picture.

How to open a .wmv file in Windows 10

If you’ve used different versions of Windows, you’ve probably noticed that they have Windows Media Player or Movies & TV pre-installed. These are the best means through which you can open a .wmv file in Windows 10.

Other alternatives include the following:

1. FileViewer Plus (recommended)

Many players may give you headaches while opening a .wmv file because of minor incompatibilities with your Windows OS. We strongly recommend you to choose the safe way and to open it with a universal file viewer – FileViewer Plus. This tool is designed to open and convert in over 30 video formats but it also supports 270 other file formats.

You will have the possibility to open and watch .wmv files whithout any problems and you also will have a tool for different text and image file formats so you can open and edit them.

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2. VLC

This is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that supports most multimedia files including DVDs, audio CDs and VCDs as well as other various streaming protocols.

It is simple, fast and powerful, plays everything, and plays most codecs without codec packs including WMV files. It runs on all operating systems, and is completely free with no spyware, no ads and no user tracking.

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3. KMPlayer

This player can cover different types of formats without a separate codec, so you can play any media files because it has its own internal codec, which makes it faster and safer.

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4. MPlayer

This is a free and open media player software available for all major operating systems, including Windows. It supplies the binary builds of MPlayer and MEncoder for Windows, plus it is easy to use and lightweight, with a clean interface that runs every video file you want. It supports popular files such as .wmv, AVI, MPEG, WMA, OGG, OGM, and MP4 among many others.

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5. DivX Player

This is a free download that lets you enjoy high quality digital videos on your computer, but also has a converter, player, web player, and other components besides a vast array of plug-ins to sync videos from Google Drive and Dropbox. You can access your videos from the cloud and convert them to a different profile using DivX converter.

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All these players are free and play on Windows and other operating systems.

If you still cannot open the .wmv file after using any of these players, you are probably not playing a .wmv file. In this case, you can use a file converter to convert the .wmv file for free by downloading and installing a file converter then loading the file and choose to convert it to a different video format like MP4 or AVI and 3GP, among others.

Do you have a particular method of opening .wmv files in Windows 10 that you use? Let us know by leaving your comment in the section below.

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